I transferred some BNB to ETH on my trust wallet but it hasn't showed up in my wallet yet

I needed some ETH for gas fees so i transferred some from BNB to ETH not nothing that the BNB was on the beacon Blockchain, anyway it shows on Binance that it went through with success but it isn’t showing up in my trust wallet, i’ve been trying for a few weeks and still nothing.

I have the transaction code and the receiving address but how can i add it to my wallet

@winforever Can you provide the transaction hash and receiving address.

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I can’t upload a screenshot for some reason.

-transferred too or receiving address

transaction tag

@winforever This transaction is from 92 days ago, why are you just reporting it?
Also you received your ETH, your tokens are not missing.

i know it’s been a few weeks, i gave up on it to be honest, my friend convinced me to look again, i see it shows as success but i didn’t get credited the ETH on my account?

@winforever It was credited, you can go through your transaction list and calculate it.