I tried to find the tokens from the DApps

I obviously did it wrong. I tried to first going to DApp.com then went into collections and ended up on Pancake Swap and Uni-swap Copied the account number that appeared to be mine and when I went to Etherscan and looked it up it asked me if I was the owner of that contract. It had 33 tokens that I thought were the awesome gift for “exploring the Dapps”. So I, without fully understanding what I was doing, was able to varify that contract as an EXACT MATCH to me. So I then signed for it assuming I was getting my tiny piece of the blockchain after 2 YEARS. Instead I accidentally mamed it and now they have compromised my accounts for life. I’ve worked so hard to be a part of what you all are doing and now I’m basically lower than scum and It was an accident.