I unable to Send My KICK Token

I can’t send the kick Token I have trued to send it to my other wallet yet not going through.

What could be the problem?



Better to raise a support ticket.

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Tokens are locked. Contact the support team of Kick token.


OK thanks
I will try to contact them

They are lock until November 2020 if nothing change…


Christmas came early for you this year. :tada::tada::tada:

:moneybag: The KickEX exchange will BUY BACK KICK at a price of $0.00015 per token with a total amount of $100,000!

:fire: Current KICK price $0.000019 —> Buyback price $0.00015

:round_pushpin:Only at KickEX
:spiral_calendar: 1 September 2020

:question:How to participate:

:small_orange_diamond:Register on the KickEX;
:small_orange_diamond:Deposit $KICK (KickToken);
:small_orange_diamond:Place a limit order to sell your KickTokens in the KICK/USDT pair starting 12:00 UTC on August 31 and ending 11:50 UTC on September 1;
:small_orange_diamond:Part or all of your order will be automatically filled at a price of at least $0.00015 at 12:00 UTC.

:grey_exclamation: Each participant who puts KICK tokens for sale will be redeemed at least part or even all of the tokens, depending on the total volume of orders.

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I have this TOKEN too on my wallet

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I have these tokens too. The can only be unlocked by registering on their exchange, but I haven’t done so.

Has anyone managed to sell these tokens before?

Hurry up guys and register, they will be buying back all that, whoever has 888888 kick will walk away with at least $444! Free money, yes?

@Juzitu this not true, you have to trade on kicked exchange before then can unfreeze the 888888 kick token

I thought there would be more to it than just registering on their exchange. I was a bit worried they were just collecting identity info to sell on, which would be worth a lot more than the token value!

How do I do that please. I have tried sending the kick token to another kick wallet but to no avail and gas fee was charged with the error