I’ve got some funds in a watch only wallet

Hello I’ve got some funds in a watch only wallet and I think these people are scammers how do I get the money


Hello @Daftcun78 Watch only address is for only watching that particular address. The assets can’t be moved or accessed without the private key or phrase .


I’ve got the phrases but how do I get the key to move it to coinbase to turn it into cash?

@Daftcun78 what error are you facing when trying to aftercare importing recovery phrase? Can you screenshot the error and send here?

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I’m new to this if you hadn’t already guessed I new your help anybody out there these people are rutheless

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How do I access my 12 phrases on the ethereum wallet?
And who’s who’s doing all of these smart contract calls?

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@Daftcun78 you said on previous messages that you have recovery phrase for that wallet but still you didn’t import as your screenshot shows you have imported through wallet address. Here’s how to import recovery phrase: How to Import a Wallet via Recovery Phrase

Yes I’ve got the 12 phrases for the bitcoin but it doesn’t give me the option for the ethereum wallet?

Hi Stephanie are you available this morning to help me with this matter I have my 12 phrases

You can not authorize transactions in watch only addresses. You can only obviously Watch .

If you have the phrase of that wallet where you have the Watch-Only address , you should just import it to your wallet and then you can access the watch-only address

Hi Alan are you available this morning I really need some help with this issue

Can you talk me through this please I really need the money from this wallet

Use this method here stipulated by @Alan47 to import your wallet to your trust wallet , if you have access to the wallet , you should have access to all your assets , including the bitcoins and etherum and other possible assets in that address

Hi it’s just letting me make another wallet & not letting me transfer the money from the eth wallet with the money in

The eth wallet is already in my trust wallet but it’s saying it’s a watch only wallet can anybody help please

@Daftcun78 it seems that you are importing different wallet from the one you imported as watch wallet.

I have some questions for you, just answer honestly to avoid going around this issue. Is that your wallet or someone gave you an address asked you to import or you bought from someone? If you are the real owner you should have recovery phrase for that specific wallet.

Hi Allen I’ve used trust wallet for 2 months now & used it only to purchase bitcoin when these people said they were going to pay me they put me in touch with a global payment department who instructed me how to set up an ethereum wallet & they provided me with a QR code to deposit the funds. It’s my trust wallet I have the 12 recovery phrases

Who is executing the smart contract calls though?
I just need the money from this because they’ve taken everything we have

@Daftcun78 they tricked you, that is not your wallet they gave you only wallet address and you can’t transfer funds as your don’t have access to that wallet.
There’s no way you can transfer from the watch wallet.

The owner of the address is doing transactions… nothing we/you can do as no one has control to that wallet apart from them.
You have been scammed. Be careful next time don’t fall for this trick.