I want Hash for solana transaction

I want Hash for My send 43 sol
IT very nesesery pls helpe me

Hi @iamdeadlyz pls help me, I send 43 SOLANA token as per below atch but SOL network Show not me hash for this transaction I need and I want Hash nesesery pls
Pls help
I send you 4 Screenshot


Hello @Mos,

This is the transaction hash: 4tXrGAWGDogesxndHw76DGKnBaSksfJrh8aAMC4QM4Vj1zgzYAyYqb6t9KvDXUyrzhYXKkt3MAAoRLYpmcwepueo

Tx link: https://explorer.solana.com/tx/4tXrGAWGDogesxndHw76DGKnBaSksfJrh8aAMC4QM4Vj1zgzYAyYqb6t9KvDXUyrzhYXKkt3MAAoRLYpmcwepueo

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