I want to ask about cake staking

If i stake cake , i can get syrup right ,

Syrup i stake to get twt , and my question , if i unstake my cake , Do you still have the token syrup that I staked? .

And if it’s still there, I stack again, will I get more syrups without burning the first one?


Yes… I think you still have your earn token… Because you earn it already :blush:


You need syrup to unstake your cake. Unstake first the syrup so that you can unstake your staked cake.


ahh I thought I could get it again without having to unstack the first syrup haha,


SYRUP is like a validator for CAKE stake. So you need unstake SYRUP then unstake CAKE.


Please am new to binance chain and pancake just bought pancake today and if I stake will I still get cake Airdrop if am. Qualified(46)

Syrup is the proof of stake

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@Being_fab Are you guys sure there’s no risk attached to staking pancake,i mean it’s possible they run away with the cake,or is it controlled by trustwallet?

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No staking is not controlled by Trust Wallet. It is Decentralised way of earning where no one can control or monitor your assets😊

@Being_fab i tried unstaking my cake,it’s giving me error

Welcome @Keemshub to the community

You can unstake the cake first, but it will charge you high fees. So for the better, unstake your syrup first then your cake.

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I unstaked my syrup but it won’t let me do anything after and it doesn’t show back up in my wallet.

Did you get the syrup after staking cake or you bought the syrup to stake

I believe after the stake I got it. But I never received my 447 cake from Binance to my trust wallet.

You must unstake syrup first…if you need unstake cake

If you have unstack your syrup go and unstacked the cake that should work

we thought the same thing but i guessed thats not the case since it make sense though, a lot might abuse it if ever we stake and claim syrup and unstake without burning the syrup

Yeah so true thumbs up, but you get your twt in bep20 after unstaking your syrup not bep2.

hi all! where can we claim our free cake tokens? I am pretty sure i was among the 1st 2,500 to fill out the form.