I want to learn how to swap coin on trust wallet

Hello pls I want to learn how to swap coin on trust wallet pls I will need ur help anyone who can pls teach me should pls message me on WhatsApp I will really appreciate it…[redacted]

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Hi @Mikun,

There are various guides here:

Also, be informed that no “official admins/mods/support/team member” will contact you via WhatsApp. Be careful.

Hi, I was trying to swap coins in trust wallet, but they dont show up. For instance, i have Stellar XLM and i want to swap it for BNB so i can use the BNB to purchase other items on Pancakeswap, but when i go to swap it doesnt find Stellar (even though i have it in my wallet). Why doesnt it find it, and how do i swap Stellar XLM for BNB?

Hello @KeeblerFSU
It seems you are trying to swap native coins for smartchain coins which is not supported in the Trust app.

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@JennyMillan So i am not able to swap these types of coins? What are the types of coins you are able to swap with BNB?

Hi @KeeblerFSU
You can search a token in the DEX tab of your Trust wallet and see if there is a trading pair for that token.