I was transferred some USDT but accidentally I was sent them on BNB received address

I have made request to transfer of USDT amount from Binance to BNB of trust wallet. I copied address of trust wallet BNB and pasted in withdrawal of binance USDT. Kindly help me and make available transferred amount to the trust wallet

Trust Wallet Version 6.3
Crypto Address 0x695562cA255C2539eD3De185941043441e72099E
Txn ID 0x1132f44c9b2c58aa58412d544496b1406188f40de4f27827dd7563690a824c59

You already received your USDT and swapped for Lovely Inu token, here’s transaction: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x9129967abdefe605d9eb8c85f75f4c04b66ae025b9791978b76f17dd0d41370e