I withraw before , it showed in my wallet for about one week , but now showing zero ada in my wallet .why?

I withraw before , it showed in my wallet for about one week , but now showing zero ada in my wallet .why ?



Hello @afshin2 What’s your Trust Wallet version ? …


I do not know how to start my own thread .

I’m having major issues with the fact I deposited a substantial amount of Ada in to my wallet last night from coin base and it does not show on my balance . I’m tact to make it worse my existing balance has gone to zero . Yet my wallet on the blockchain has all the correct funds in .

Now this is an issue for me as I cannot stake or access my tokens to sell should I wish .

Before you give the same answer I have read over and over again I have the latest version of the app .
I have uninstalled and re installed
I have a good internet connection .

This is not a fault from the user end. After feeding through this community site it seem to be a recurring issue and sounds like they need to update the app asap to fix this .

If anyone does know how to fix this with out the same generic answer please help .

Many thanks


Can anyone advise on how I add photos?
I have some screen shots so you can see the empty Ada on trust but the full wallet on the scan .



That is the transaction id

my balance all show zero why

I have the same issue. My balance shows zero. I try to send some new ada to my address then I could not see the new transaction in trust wallet. But I could see them in cardanoscan.
Do you have any idea to resolve it?


hello @dnx there is a known scammer here who invites you on telegram, he steals the admins names dont share anything with him , don’t do it.

Can you check your internet first ? and please provide some screenshot if you can .

Thank for your feedback. I create a ticket for Trust Wallet support. Then I get the feedback from the support team: “We acknowledge the issue you are experiencing and emphasize that it is a known issue. Cardano blockchain is experiencing node issues”.

When I add screen shot, I get an error occurred: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.

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