Ianecoleman and QNT/OMI

I accidenatlly sent QNT to an OMI adress in my Trust Wallet and I’m hoping it’s possible to retrieve it using the iancoleman tool. However OMI does not show up in the list when choosing the coin that the funds were sent to. Is there any hope of getting my QNT back?

Hello you would need to find a wallet that supports that token and also allows extraction of your private keys.

I figured out how to get the ecomi/Gochain to work with the Mnemonic Code Converter and I now have the private keys. So, since qnt is an erc20 token, could I just import the private key as an ethereum wallet in Trust Wallet and recover my qnt this way?

Hello @Jane4
You can import as an ETH wallet

It worked. Thanks alot for your help :smile:

When the eth wallet was imported I just had to create QNT as a custom token and voila - the tokens showed up.