ICE tokens - the mystery

Hello again from Italy.
Following the precious instructions You kindly gave me earlier this month now I have some ICE token in my Trust wallet, but, as You can see on the attached screenshots, no value is shown. I’ll be brief: What happens? What should I do?
Many thanks (again) in advance from Your favorite Italian rookie.
P.S.: Happy Easter!

@dado765 Can you reimport your wallet and add the token manually again.

Hello Tobi and thanks,
I already tried It and nothing changed, I did It again after Your suggestion and still no amount shown. I suspect I will have to wait till the ICE Mainnet is set (next October they say)…
I also tried to connect my Trust wallet to an Exchange (OKI and another one I forgot) but again there was any value to show…
Well, after all there’s a reason if I called it a “mystery”, haha! Oh, I’ve also written to the ICE help desk - in ten days (!) they should answer me… I’ll let You know!
Have a great day and Happy Easter,


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