Identical addresses (ERC20)

I’m in the (belated) process of organising all my addresses. I came across a slight concern with y’all. The address listed for Ethereum is identical to the USDC address. Granted, yours is an ERC20 version, but the icon is identical to the icon used by Coinbase, and the address isn’t the same with them. Don’t mean to waste your time. Just trying to make certain l’m doing things correctly. I’m getting there, but still lamentably lost on most cryptocurrency particulars

Thank you for your time.

Jonathan Lunsford
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Any ERC20 address will have the same address as your Ethereum (ETH) wallet.

This is expected behavior for any user-controlled wallet.

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Thank you for the confirmation, vikmeup. Wasn’t sure, and didn’t want to send things in the wrong direction. Apriciate the feedback, more than I can express

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