Implement e-commerce lifecycle functions

Please pardon me if this type of suggestion already exist. However, I am not an expert, not even close to one. I just really see a use case and I have expressed in my words!

However, I suggests the TRUST WALLET TEAM should as soon as possible work on implementing a full payment e-commerce cycle around the Trust wallet. What I mean are:

  1. Trust wallet should be connectable to individual website for e-commerce functions (Payments).

  2. Payment can be made on websites (ecommerce) utilizing Trust wallet with any crypto currency.

  3. Mass payment disbursement like a payroll system can be implemented within the Trust wallet. The ability to pay vendors and merchants in a unified categorized system.

  4. Ability to save and reuse merchants and vendor info and addresses based on tokens within the smart chain ecosystem.

  1. implement TWT as gas fee for this function. While still utilizing the very low gas fee which is the signature of the Smart Chain ecosystem.

  2. implement a MasterCard or Visa card debit system that will plug in straight into the TRUST wallet.

I think this will also lead to mass adoption and high usability of the TWT token, high spread of crypto adoption and usability. Especially stable coin like the BUSD. Added with already exiting Dapps like Venus, Aave, Jul. This will be really game changing and a proper banking to the people. All these happening with a unitary system (Trust wallet and Smartchain) will be massive. This will capture the traditional unbanked and even the majority of the banked. Please support this thread of you also belief.

What do you also think?