Implementing parameters to prevent erroneous transactions

Let me start by saying I’m no IT specialist. But, I recently sent coins from Trust Wallet to Binance and unfortunately I forgot to add the memo; therefore, my coins vanished. I admit, I should’ve researched how to properly initiate these transactions to prevent this from happening, but I was new and rather careless. Bottom line, I lost a bunch of money. I believe that with a few additional parameters in place, these situations could be prevented.

There are numerous websites that have pop-ups, warnings, etc. before completing transactions or purchases. The fact that Trust Wallet doesn’t have anything like that is mind-boggling to me. Again, not an IT, but it doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to implement these controls.

In addition, the customer service requests are not exactly up-to-par. I initiated a service request on Monday, 5 April. I received a response on Wednesday, 14 April stating:

“Hello Binancian, we are terribly sorry for the delay in our response! Currently, we are working to resolve a high volume of inquiries, and we noticed you had not yet received a solution. If you still need assistance or have any questions, please let us know and we’ll get back to you here ASAP!”

This was rather irritating, as if the problem resolved itself. I immediately responded to the email and stated that I absolutely still need assistance. It’s now Friday, 16 April and I’ve yet to receive a response.

Anyways, I hate to go on and on, but just to reiterate, I believe some parameters or preventative measures should be implemented to ensure these types of situations don’t occur.

Thank you.

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Had a similar issue trying to send binance peg etherium to my etherium wallet in metamask. I’m a newbie and made a mistake. Lost 150.00. You would think if they weren’t compatible I would have gotten a pop up. The support on trust wallet sucks. If you make a ticket you get an auto response telling you to search the community forum. Then if you don’t resolve to send another ticket…over and over. Regret using trust wallet.