Import labels from etherscan for suspicious addresses

As many of you know, if you will try to use wrong address in field for it app will send a red colored warning and will not complite tx creation till it will be correct. Its a nice and decent tool, that prevent people from common mistake.
So other step in this direction as i can suppose might be implementation of warnings that are provided by blockchain explorers for known suspicious (ponzi, broken/frozen/out of servise version, scams, all that) into a yellow warning thst will give user a link to explorer and label and app will ask to confirm that user use correct address and he is provided with info that there might be some nuances and he most watch his steps before proceed.
Many servises, that will be adopted in first places will still have some complience, as we see already at european union recomendations (laws), and that can bring disturbance for users that is not “involved” in any mixing or illegal activity but acsidently interact with bad clusters/smartcontract. For sure such feature must have a on/off reature just like “safe search” in order to conceptual valid as non-custodial ideology. Still it csn ssve some nervs and help newcomers to crypto adopt a little to this universe and its cruel, sometimes, rules.


Thats actually a really good idea and I think you can say it might be a sensitive area and skates a thin line between the privacy aspect that a good majority of crypto users want and even require to use but many also are new to the crypto-verse and too many scams, thieves, and hustlers easily steal crypto from innocent peoples wallets everyday. This is a small yet important feature that could save many people money by informing them that the address they are attempting to send coins to has been reported by others as running an illegal operation of some sort and then an option to investigate themselves into what the address was reported for doing and how many people actually filed a complaint.

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