Import metamask second account

I have imported my metamask wallet on my trusted wallet fine. But my metamask wallet has 2 accounts both with the same seed but with different private key. When I import it trusted wallet asks me only for the seed not for the private key, so then how can I import my second account? because it appears only my first account.

Thanks in advance


there should be an option to import private key when you add a new eth wallet, look at tab section at the top where you input passphrase

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Hi @claudi,

You can import the private key by doing the following: Settings > Wallets > Press the plus (+) sign at the top right > select Ethereum > and choose private key


I think they want it to be a “Multi-Coin” Wallet so they dont have to create multiple wallets. Does anyone know how to do that for secondary accounts, since it will only add the 1st account?