Important improvement ideas for Trust Wallet App

  1. Whenever I switch to Exchange section of the App for purchase of coins the default pair is loaded and I have to switch to my own pair. Please allow option to change the default pair.(screenshot attached)

  2. The finance tab is dark when the phone is in dark mode and the app dark mode is also activem please fix. (screenshot attached)

  3. My trade history for just 7-8 days ago is gone. Please this information is required for reference and must be available locally for all the time for an account or at least for 3 months.


Dear Trusteer,
This is quite good and commendable.
Keep on adding value to the community.
This is why we’re here.

Your promotion is assured.



Thank you Chalon. I am glad to be of help :+1:


Trust wallet need to add swap option for BTC, ETH and TRX. it really help full to many


Seems to me that the they don’t have too many staff available; despite Binance acquiring Trust, looks like things are moving quite slowly. Do you really think any of them are reading these forums? If they did, there wouldn’t be so many useless/repetitive/spamming posts around. I’d be very glad to be wrong!

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Thanks for information :+1:


You wrong;) Team is reading this forum, just give it a little time to settle things up) Community building is a long work. I understand your point about repetative or low use info threads.
In my opinion, after community giveaway will ends (21.8.20), as it wrote in rules, moderators will review all activity here for past month and then you see the diffirence.


Lovely, I hope you’re right. It would be nice if things would change here a little…

You’re welcomed to the Community.
Here, you’ll learn, unlearn and relearn.

Just be active and you’ll be adequately rewarded.

Thank you!

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Honestly, I joined the community as I liked the app and the admins in the Telegram instead of taking feedback asked me to put here. I am not even 24 hours old to this community.

Yeah, you are right and I saw irrelevant, useless posts which doesn’t contribute anything except for filling up the space or number of posts. I don’t know if these help people who are posting or they have useless time to put rubbish here. This clutter needs to be cleared and monitored regularly to keep this place sane and useful.

The bots on the Telegram chat have issues and I got muted just for mentioning TWT - Bot said “Repetitive question asked, muted for …”

When I PM an admin to unblock me .
He instead said, don’t post links " I Did Not.

I am sorry but I had very unprofessional and funny response from Admins. The problem is that these things matter a lot for running and supporting a product. If CS fails, the product will be affected. They are integrated and interdependent. I hope someone reads this post and takes this criticism constructively to improve upon things. I don’t like talking to deaf people, so if there is no acknowledgement here, I will have to leave.


They have a very small team and maybe that’s the reason for the weird responses; they might just get overwhelmed. Otherwise no excuses

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We are always trying to improve the automated responses of the bot. That is why if ever you encounter issues we can verify. Your suggestions will be taken into consideration as our Telegram admins are always adjusting the responses.
As with the current state of the community site, we are doing cleanups and rejecting unnecessary posts.


I am really happy to state that with the recent update ver 1.13.1, one of my suggestions has been accepted and included. The app now saves the last visited pair in exchange and it is shown next time when you open the exchange tab even after restarting the app. :clap:

Very good work Team Trust Wallet. 2 more to go :+1:

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