Imported address can’t transfer funds

Pls seriously need help.
My phone was stolen and i tried to access my trust wallet .
I was only able to entered some of my wallet address. It showed the amount of etherium i have on the wallet. I thought the account is active i now transferred bnb from my binance account to the wallet again for a particular transaction i want to do. Only to discover that i can only receive but can not send or link the wallet for swapping. Pls help me i saved my phrase on the phone that was stolen.i have access to all other info that might be needed pls. Help

Hi, @Adeyemiyemithy from your description above it seems you imported your wallet address not recovery phrase. You can’t access your funds without having your recovery phrase.
Read more here: Lost Recovery Phrase or Private Key

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I do not have access to the phrase again. It was saved on a note in the phone that was stolen. What can i do.

@Adeyemiyemithy Nothing, the only way to access your funds is through importing recovery phrase, read article I sent above.