Imported my WALLET but my all cryptos are missing. Please Help

All my app settings and preferences were restored but my tokens and cryptos did not. what should i do. :unamused: Tokens include BNB, ETH NPXSXEM, NPXS USDT

Are you 100% sure you restored your wallet using the passphrase key that you would of got when you set it up? If you just created a new wallet then your funds will not show. Double check the addresses to see if you did restore your wallet or create a new one

It’s worth learning a bit more about how wallets work, your funds are never in the wallet, only in the blockchain, the wallet is just a tool to interact with the blockchain using your key

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Yes i’m 100% sure i used the passphrase key i got when i was setting up my wallet. all my wallet preference came back as i had set them before only my cryptos did not

So if you search your address using a blockchain explorer too, the funds are still showing or not?

Have you also compared the current bnb or eth address your trustwallet app has access to now, against your address that had funds in?

Feel free to dm me your address that had bnb or eth funds in and I will look in a blockchain explorer and see where the funds are

Wallet preferences will come back as these settings are stored within your device, but access to the blockchain address only comes from a private key

Thank you @along007 my wallet and cryptos finally restored. When you asked if i was 100% sure --i went back to make sure i was 101% and realized i was using anther phrase. all is well now. Thanks again for your support

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i’ve had the same problem… i’ve got.112 BNB… at address: bnb1zgx3k6ajfrmnhw4cpdqp4v5dlddkk7huyzfpsp

any help you could offer would be appreciated. cheers!

Yes, I can see there is 0.12 bnb in that address. What is the problem you are having?

If you have recently restored the app on a new device, be sure to check you haven’t created a new wallet, but have chosen the ‘I already have a wallet’ and inputting the phrase for the address that has your funds in

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The problem is that none of my crypto shows up in the wallet. My bitcoin of a problem, because it was backed up in a different wallet. The BNB is inaccessible. After I seekers trust and restored the wallet, I did choose a new wallet and entered my passphrase. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you.

Compare the addresses in the app right now to the ones where the cryptos were stored. If it’s different, then you used a different recovery phrase. It would be impossible for the app to generate new wallet addresses if you did import the “correct” recovery phrase.