Importing of wallet from Trust to other wallet

Hello commnunity,

I just want to ask a question, is it possible to import my Multi-Coin wallet from trust to other wallet? If so, how?

It doesn’t mean I want to leave trust wallet for my entire life :rofl:, I’m just curious.


Yes you can, example you can import multi coin wallet to imtoken. But in imtoken 1.0 just detect ERC 20 Only

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How? other wallets require private key, what should I do to know the private key of each coin?

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You will find the answer to your question here


No, in imtoken you can import using mnemonic phrase

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For TRX or TRC20 platform, you can import to Tronlink Wallet in Hp/PC use mnemonic phrase

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Thanks for your help! :smile:

Thanks for your help :smile: