Impossible to cancel or create a new DEX order

Hi. I have been reading all FAQ and troubleshooting guides but this seems to be a tricky situation. Problem is following. When i am trying to cancel an existing DEX order or place a new buy/ sell order a following error is appearing “Error: Reverted” For some reason Trust wallet is trying to send all my funds into that contract address which ends up Error: Reverted. Usually contract call value for cancelling or setting a new order is 0.00 ETC plus gas fee unless you buy something with ETC. Seems like some fields are mixed up somewhere but you cannot adjust it anywhere manually. No problems for sending funds from one wallet to another or make a market buy from that DEX. Wallet has been restored many times. It started yesterday when many addresses were trying to fill one sell order simultaenosly.
At the same time i cannot withdraw one staked token earnings into the wallet as well which is using different smart contract address and has nothing to do with Saturn. Same issue that Trust will place all my free ETC balance into the field where you should have 0.00 ETC and it ends up “Error: Reverted” Any ideas?
One of the tx hash samples for cancelling an order: 0x11c1426b79b844e0904cb82949c5bafcc93254d395d9b67d1acda945f378ac08
Wallet version: 1.13.3

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