Impossible to swap BNB BEP2 to BNB BEP20

Hi there, I’ve been trying to swap BNB BEP2 to BNB BEP20 but it says that I don’t have enough BNB.

I have 65€ worth BNB BEP2 so I don’t know how much more do I need. Or if it’s just a bug somehow.

Can someone help me on that ?


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you need bnb bep20 as a fee if you want to swap at bsc network. try send it from binance exchange

J’ai le meme probleme…
Si quelqu’un pouvait me venir en aide.
J’ai 119 BUSD que je ne peux pas transformer en BNB (ou autre), j’ai le message suivant : You don’t have enought Smart Chain to cover network fees".

Qui pourrait m’envoyer le montant des frais en BNB que je rembourserai ?

can’t swap bnb - bsc what should i do … before i’ve done the same thing and it worked

Hey mate I think you have to lower the amount on the swap page of the bnb that you have to allow for the gas fee. Keep lowering it until the confirm button lights up. If I haven’t described it well enough. Touch base and ill try again. Hope this helps. Do TW reply to people on here, as I waiting for one myself

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