[In-app Notification concept] In-app notification for DeFI using tiny smart chain transactions

With defi space people are opposed to signing up, registering their email or other personal identification means. As a result, there are no ways to send notifications to use user from defi platforms in the traditional method.

I noticed there may be an opportunity to trigger notifications using microtransations on the smart chain, that Trust Wallet would recognise and “translate” into in-app notifications.


  1. Defi platform Pancakeswap wants to inform the user there’s an update on the platform.
  2. Defi platform desposits exactly 0.00000001434 BNB into the user’s pool.
  3. Trustwallet recognises this exact change in balance and triggers a notification corresponding to the amount (0.00000001434 BNB = “New update announcement”)
  4. Trustwallet sends a “New updated on PancakeSwap” announcement in-app.

A different deposit amount would refer to a different type of notification.

Who pays for the fees?
User who want to use these defi in-app notifications, could supply some of their funds to a “notification pool”, which can be used each time the defi app wants to send them an important notification.

I guess if the deposit is on chain it will be around $0.48 which is a little pricey,
but I wonder if this is also possible for free by just changing the price on their defi account which is monitorable through things like yieldwatch.net, without incuring any smart chain fees.

If you have any other ideas or comments for this concept, please discuss!