Incorrect balance

At the moment my balance shows billions of DOT I shouldn’t really be complaining however if I can’t have it how do I show the correct balance

I have deleted and imported the wallet which didn’t change anything.

Any other ideas??

Hi, I has same problem. I bought Aquagoat for a value of 20usd in trust wallet through pancake swap but when I checked the balance immediately the value was over 30,000usd. It just doesn’t make any sense so I’m confused.
Do you know why that happens?

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Hi there, trust wallet takes price information from popular sites like CoinmarketCap. The Trust app will show what CMC shows. Such price difference or not showing value happens when that token/coin has low trading volume to get trust score on CoinmarketCap or their active pairs aren’t listed.

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Please I am also facing the same problem with cyberfm token the price has really gone up but I bought with just little and I can’t cash out