Incorrect UPLINK Balance

Hello all !

On Nov. 15, I exchanged 10 BUSD (BEP20) for 273,922.781292512 UPLINK on Pancake Swap in the Trust Wallet DApp browser. My Trust Wallet has only shown 360.50146019 UPLINK ever since this exchange went through.

Here is the transaction hash: 0x0a385b566d8cead1b3873c0c19c0c97bf4d96988eedf8c3429934cfc44b8fa5c
Here is my wallet: 0xd7Bbb77e8E542EbA2577b5f8b22665Eb9e8cC6A4

As you can see from my wallet address on BSCScan, no UPLINK has ever left my account. Why does Trust Wallet show such a low balance of UPLINK?

I have already tried

  • removing the token and re-adding it
  • Re-importing my wallet


There is no problem with the app.
This token has an elastic supply.
Elastic supply tokens have a changing circulating supply.
The idea is that instead of price volatility, what changes is the token supply through events called rebases.
Simple explanation. Price goes up, less tokens. Price goes down, more tokens.
I suggest you read and understand the tokenomics of any project before investing.

Thanks so much, Jenny!
You’re absolutely right, it was the elastic supply of this token that confused me. Irrespective of my ignorance, I’m now convinced that UPLINK is a scam. The website promised “buybacks,” which has a specific definition and one that they failed to meet. Every article and YouTube video about this coin is talking about its red flags.

Stay safe out there, guys. As Jenny already said, do your research for any coin you choose to invest in.