Insufficent bnb fee to transfer?

i have some eos and chz in my wallet but cant transfer because bnb fee.
very low fee i nees but dont have
what can i do about?


I have same problem balance is 28 usd and have like 45 doge coins and 15.6 usdt but I cannot do anything and I don’t wanna pay 50 bucks to buy bnb since my balance 28 I should be able t trade the coins for bnb


can anyone help me about because cant transfer any of these eos and chz?

same problem, i transferred EOS to my trust wallet but i found out i cannot convert it to BNB, how can i buy such small amount of bnb? Trust wallet minimum amount to buy bnb is 150, i hate this wallet

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Only way around is to have BNB purchased to use whenever you have to go out

i jut need someone who has very very little bnb on trust wallet because i cant even transfer from binance cause min withdraw is high

please can someone send 0.5 usd worth BNB?
i will send back via smartchain.
please help it isnt would be so hard

This is stupid, having Ur coins going up and down on the market and being unable t buy em or sell even t bnb cuz u don’t have bnb, Like how? how does this wallet offer u trading option and says to u can trade t bnb but ohh no u don’t have bnb, how is it possible for the fee not going both ways for example trading those coins into bnb withing trust wallet and keeping the fee from the bnb that I’m supposed t receive?

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I have the same Problem but with 50 busd how can I solve this? :frowning:
I only need like 0.50 cents

This is my bnb adress of someone can help me :slight_smile: