Insufficient BNB.

Hello everyone.

I am new to Crypto and today I made a silly mistake. I transferred BUSD(BEP20) to my Trust Wallet in order to swap some tokens. I didn’t realise that for any Transaction on the BSC, I have to need BNB to pay for the network fees. Now I cannot do the swap, nor can I swap the BUSD to BNB. I cannot transfer BUSD either. Any trasaction on BSC requires BNB.

Is there any way out to this problem???

Please HELP!!!

Hello @jeet7655 that is how blockchain works, you have to pay the fees first before transacting. Read more here: Cryptocurrency Network Fees

Yes. I know it now. But now that I have done the mistake, what now?

The BUSD is now stuck in my TW. And cannot do anything with it.

@jeet7655 you have to get BNB for gas fee. You can withdraw from exchange or if you have friend with spare BNB ca help you.

So these are the only options left. That’s really unfortunate for me. Withdrawing from Binance would mean sending at least 0.02 BNB. That’s a huge amount compared to the typical network fees. And sending that BNB alone would take a network fee = 0.0005 BNB.

Seems like I made a stupid mistake and I have to pay for it now.