Insufficient ETH to cover fee for USDT

I have a lump of USDT (ERC20) that I moved from the Binance.
Tried swapping for ETH came up with insufficient ETH to cover fees

I then sent some Binance-peg ETH (BEP20) to wallet

Tried again still coming up with insufficient ETH to cover fees, what type of ETH should I be using here

It appears I could only send BEP20 ETH and not ERC20

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Hi @SovaB,

You need the native Ethereum, not a BEP20 nor BEP2.


So I need to send ERC20 is that correct

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Correct. You need the native Ethereum.

That works Thanks Ian
Just a case of matching the right network
Iā€™m sure this will become more seamless over the years through development