Insufficient smart chain (BNB) to cover network fee NEED HELP!

I need help please!

I tried sending USDT to an address(Binance) and i was unable to send. I have gone through the different topics on this issue but I’m unable to resolve it. My USDT is BEP20, if i try to swap USDT to get BNB, same issue insufficient smart chain (BNB) to cover network fee. Same issue if i try to swap to USDT to Binance chain.

I want to add that i tried different methods with no result . I only ask some help to transfer my usdt funds to binance adress, it was the first time today when i tried this trust wallet but it seems it is not working well , before that i had a problem with usdt not displaying on the app even that the option was on and it solved when i tried to reinstall the app.

Hello @Rares1000 Every time you send any cryptocurrency, from your address to another, you incur a Network Transaction fee, also referred to as a Network fee. Making trades on exchanges also require fees for every buy or sell transaction.

The actual fee you pay will vary according to the network you use.

Read more here: Cryptocurrency Network Fees

To get Smart Chain BNB, you can buy via the third-party crypto provider that is integrated into the app (guide: or by withdrawing from an exchange (example:

If you have a friend who has spare Smart chain BNB, you may want to contact them as well.

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The same problem here with tron can some one land me some tron please im realy out of solution i sent all my money to trust but cant get it out without tron


Trc20 network
I really would appreciate anyhelp i will give back the tron please guys