Integrate a pop up update on the mobile App

I like to suggest that the trust wallet team should consider adding an update pop up to the mobile app in addition to the already website for easy upgrades and to save members from downloading the app from the various phishing sites that continue to rob members of their hard earned assets.


I totally agree with you! If this is done, it will really help to curb the rate at which people loose their hard earned money.

@TrustTeam, over to you!

It’s a good idea. The update popup should direct to Playstore or Apple store for update.
Or @TrustTeam can add a check for updates feature in the about section
Phishing sites can still create a popup within the App.

It could get worse If users phone are infected with apps that show pop-ups they can just check if you have trustwallet then show you the popup for update instead of orginal app.

I really appreciate your suggestion, often I get frustrated with something but don’t make the time to speak-up. It’s refreshing to see someone have a good idea and pass it along. I need to this approach more often.
Take Care, @Bishoppope

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Please how can one get Terra USD UST memo on trust wallet trying to deposit from kucoin and its requesting memo from receiving address

Am not sure u will be needing memo since u are sending it to trusted wallet this also happened to me when I was sending bep2#bnb then, I asked and I was told I don’t need memo since its trusted wallet am sending it to.

This idea will really save alot of people from scammers but still I think if we have the original installed app we can keep upgrading it form iOS or play store, we will just check if their is any updates and upgrade, still the pop up idea is a good one.

@Bishoppope this is an amazing idea I just hope they considered it has alot of sense in it.