Integrate xDai (XDAI) to Trust Wallet

What is and why is xDAI (XDAI) needed?
XDai Chain is a layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution that uses MakerDAO’s wrapped DAI stablecoin as its native currency.

Is xDAI is EVM compatible and PoS
Yeah, xDai Chain is fully EVM compliant, every Ethereum/Polygon/BSC/ThunderCore/Callisto/TomoChain/Ethereum Classic/POA Network DApp can be used in xDai Chain whithout any changes in code and xDai uses PoS consensus algorithm, where xDai (STAKE) is used as a token to participate in it. **

xDai is a one of the best EVM-compactible Ethereum sidechains and should be integrated to Trust Wallet

Official Site:

Blockchain Explorer:

For Trust Wallet Devs:

xDai is EVM-compactible blockchain, it is not difficult to ingrate it, trust devs just need to add new evm rpc and chain id. In Google Disk i added rpc, chain id, info.json, logo.png

And STAKE token is a ERC20 on xDai and Ethereum. I hope trust devs will integrate xDai.

Hello @fl0ppa it is now available. Just updated your app to latest version.