Integrating password or passphrase in importing 12 phrase (added security measure)

Hi Trust Wallet Team. Actually I was suggesting it several months ago and now I would like to once again suggesting it just for the sake of all users of Trust Wallet App and I hope Trust Wallet Team would consider it this time. The reality is this, it is undeniable for us and to all Trust Wallet users that many users of the Trust Wallet app become victims by scammers or hackers using different schemes and still counting. In short so many many people lost their funds and this was happened due to their compromised seed phrase either by negligence or fault of the users. Many scammers successfully obtained seed phrase from users unknowingly and importing wallet from compromised 12 phrase into another wallet is super super easy to do. And it just because there is no authorization or confirmation of the ownership of the 12 phrase prior to the importation of the wallet. And if you put authorization feature like security password or passphrase before someone can successfully import the wallet, cases of stealing funds from someone can be prevented. My point is even though the 12 phrase is compromised by scammers or hackers they still cannot access the wallet without the authorization (i.e. password or passphrase). I am telling this because this security feature has been used by Safepal Wallet and integrating this feature too into Trust Wallet app, would I think in my own opinion, cases of stolen funds from Trust Wallet users can be prevented or at least can be minimized. Thanks and I hope this message would not left into trash bin and in vain forever.


I just learnt about this and I think it’s an absolute necessity. I haven’t tried that many wallets before but I see someone trying a trust wallet scam on every other crypto post.

Having some form of extra protection that the user has control of and they are less likely to give out is something that will be very helpful

This is the MOST important security feature for trust wallet. I don’t understand why it’s still not implemented. At least they could synch the security pin for all trust wallets (so that scammers need that pin), in order to have access to the wallet. I think if this don’t come in next week’s, o will switch to metamask.

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