Is algorand blockchain supported in trust wallet

Hey,please confirm can we deposit $algo coins in trust wallet.

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I already own $ALGO on trustwallet wallet and you can also Staking :heart_eyes:


For make a BTC transaction which wallet is consume much cheaper network fees? Transaction type is regular.
Which one is better of these three?


Trust Wallet utilizes the newer Native Segwit address format.
This update helps to lessen the fees, transactions are faster and it is more secure.
Learn more here:


good to hear that,need more blockchains to be integrated with trust wallet.

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I also want dapp tron ​​to be integrated into Trustwallet because you can see from the most active networks tronsecan and there are many platforms that use trx contract so i hope to see them in the future in Trustwallet because i have to use tronlink and tronwallet in order to run smart contract

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Добрый вечер не могу выводит с Биткоин второй день валюту пишет Ошибка транзакции Missing inputs or UTXOs

I also have a related question. But I can’t submit a ticket because I get a captcha error on the ticket page.

And I can’t create a topic here because I don’t have enough level. Therefore, I will write here. I will be very happy if someone helps me.

I need to connect to an application using the ALGORAND blockchain. This protocol does not exist for the connection. How can I connect to the application on ALGORAND from TrustWallet? You would help me 25 words, but you only have 24. How can I get 25 words from my ALGORAN in TrustWallet?

Hello, Algo DApps are not supported, also trust wallet supports only 12/24 recovery phrase format.