Is BNB staking automatically renewed?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, brand new TW user here.

Anyway, like the title said, is the staking in TW automatically renewed whenever it’s due (say, after 7 days), or will it be stopped and I’ll have to re-stake?


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Hi, staking will not expired until you decide to unstake by yourself, read more details about staking here: BNB Staking with Trust Wallet

I already read the article you sent me, but it doesn’t say anything about renewals.

Let me see if I understand you correctly.
Let’s say I stake on the 1st of May, which will expire on the 8th, right? If I didn’t actually TOLD the app to stop my staking, it will automatically renew for another 7 days from the 9th until 16th. Is that correct?

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@Junkyme where did you see about staking expiration time? From your example, if you stake your BNB on may 1, there’ll stay staked and generate rewards until you decide to unstake, can be days, months, years etc. If you decided to unstake, they’ll be locked for 7 days before returned to your wallet.

In TW, I tapped “BNB”, tapped 3 dots (“more”), then stake details. Under APR it says “lock time 7 days”.

In Binance usually “lock time” means how long the coins will be locked before the staking period expire and the coins + interest returned to me. Does “lock time” mean different thing in TW?

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7 lock days is pretty long, can we short this for better user experience?


Hello @gillbates these are not Trust Wallet conditions, we only integrated staking feature. Contact Binance for this suggestion.

Добрый день. разобрались со стейкингом BNB в TW? как на самом деле происходит стейкинг и когда выплачивают проценты? спасибо

Добрый день. не разобрался со стейкингом BNB в TW, помогите пожалуйста.

как на самом деле происходит стейкинг, срок 7 дней после истечения этого времени необходимо продлять стейкинг или происходит пролонгироавние, если да то на какой срок? и когда выплачивают проценты? спасибо