Is Fake Cryptocurrency Transfer Possible?

Some weeks ago, someone told me about fake sending or transfer of crytocurrency to another address and I doubted that it isn’t possible. Please I hope this isn’t possible and if it is how?
And how can prevent himself/herself from falling victim?


Yea am also wondering about that too, please someone should help us with the answer or let’s do the research ourselves.


For erc20 token if ticker name is same eg ETH BTC THEN it is possible


There is many ways to “show” scam tx: screenshot, testnet use and send link for it to you, some others too. Be very careful.
One of most powerfull attack is when you try to buy crypto and man send you tx, even real, you see it pending in etherscan, but with low fee(!). If you will send money to him before tx will have at least one confirmation, he can cancel tx or reverse it to some other address. So be very careful, again, verify all. Blockchain dont lie. People does.


A while ago there was a scam around with people selling “BTC” or “ETH” discounted, off-exchange.
They private message you saying “I give you ETH for half price, I can send it to you first and you pay afterwards”. Now, they send you their “BTC” or "ETH"´, which are just ERC-20 tokens on ethereum blockchain and not original Bitcoin or Ethereum.
Now, if you don’t notice it and try to be an honest person you pay them.
Later you will find out that the currency you purchased is completely worthless since you just purchased some tokens some random guy created for the sake of scamming people, with the ticker BTH or ETH.
This can of course work with any coin, so you should never trust people that message you diirectly with “special offers” or high discounts or anything. :slight_smile:


You own research and find real or fake. But it’s very log time prosiger

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People use every way to scam others. So I believe it is very possible to send fake fake cryptocurrency

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