Is it possible that a hacker can hack blockchain?

Hi guys! It is possible that Ethereum blockchain can be hacked by hackers and stole all of the ETH of the people who are holding ETH in their ETH wallets? Thanks

Nope! Hacking a blockchain is close to impossible. It’s decentralized nature and cryptographic algorithm make it immune to attack.

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It’s possible to hack your wallet and steal private key. Regarding “hacking blockachain” you may read about “51% attack” and double spending. It may affecte only small networks

Almost impossible for ETH and BTC. Look at the size of their network! A 51%/double spend attack would probably cost several or dozens of billions of dollars, for the necessary hashpower. Lets hope, Jeff Bezos never wanna try that… :smiley:

And the hacking of your private keys is even more unrealistic. Just to put that in perspective: Its a chance of 1:115 quattuorvigintillion for a randomized ETH private key! Thats a one followed by 144 zeroes!

But hacking and squeezing money out of bad coded smart-contracts is still a problem.

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i think is impossible today… but who khnow :sunglasses: in the futur

It’s just impossible to hack blockchain