Is it possible to swap BTCK (BTC from KCS) within Trust Wallet?


I hoped I’d be able to swap btc sent through kucoin network in Trust.
Am I wrong?
I cannot find the swap button which I usually do with other tokens.

Thank you

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@Smkba Not all token pairs or networks are supported in the swap section.
The native Bitcoin is supported but not the KCC pegged Bitcoin

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Weldone Tobi,
1.) I will like to send btc through kcs network to my trust wallet, I will like to know if I will be able to send the btc out using btc network after receiving via kcs, or is there any process I have to pass through before it can be sent using btc network.

2.) I will like to know if trust wallet support lighting network for btc sending

Thanks in anticipation for your advice

@peacelover No you can only send tokens on the network/chain which you have received on.
Also No, trust wallet doesn’t support lightning network at this time.