Is There Any Risk In Staking and Saving?

Saving and staking #crypto in many exchanges and wallets are a common features in recent times. However, I will like understand the difference between both as the are sometimes used interchangeably.

Am sure the major reason why some of us stake our crypto is because we will to generate interest however small it may be on coins we intend to HODL for a while or long time.

I have a concern, if I want to keep a coin for let’s say 2 years, is any risk associated with staking a coin or token? This is because I observed in some cases that the staking is done with different validators, delegators etc, and not the wallet or exchange.
2. In a case where a staking validator shuts down, what happens to users cryptos staked?
3. Is there any insurance or check in place to ensure validators/delegators don’t just disappear with people’s coins/tokens? Like you have in an escrow account in P2P trades.

Thank you


I would recommend you to peruse the article:
The Risks Of Staking

It could be of great help in answering your questions.

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There is always a risk in cryptocurrency no matter what category are you in, either trading, investing, staking, etc. Just select those trusted and reputable projects to minimize those risk.


I don’t think any risk here

There is no risk in staking… But you should be careful where you are sending your tokens or coins… You should check whether it fake or genuine website. You have to check updates regarding swapping…