Is there anything i can do with my usdt erc20 on trustwallet except send it back for 30usd?I want to go on exchange but cant do nothing with this usdt,

cant even change it to eth or bnb or anything, searched all the apps, just found nothing.
and i dont have etherium to send it back, nor on other wallets. Pls someone tell me the tether usd can be exchanged on trustwallet app?

Hi man; I bought some USDT 3 days ago and it worked; even charged 10% comission. (I find it expensive)

Now I have being trying to send some USDT to another wallet and the transaction start pending and 2 or three hours is cancelled and they charge some comission (small) but money at last. Is it the same issue you have?

Hello friend,

Kindly note that any asset in ERC20 requires ETH to pay for gas fees. The same is true of BEP20 and BEP2.

BEP20 requires Binance Smart Chain BNB while BEP2 requires the native BNB for gas fees.

So need need to purchase some ETH to serve as gas fee.

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I have the similar problem. Mine is in TRC20, i need trx to cover my gas fee. Cant do anything. I was trying to contact them to know what should i do to transfer my usdt.

Definitedly you get a buy the gas. Once there let’s see if your transaction then proceeds. Mine ones have being cancelled or failed in the list.

You need tron for gas fee right now I think its up to 11 tron You need

It demands trx bot ETH and even though i have sufficient TRX it still wont send to any other wallet.

If the USDT you have is TRC20, you need TRON for gas fee but if your USDT is in ERC20 you need ETH for gas fee.

ETH is quite expensive now, so get sufficient ETH to serve as gas fee, your transaction will go through.


Same here, just transfer 18 USDTBEP2 to trustwallet and can’t convert to BEP20 and can’t transfer it back without BNB as fee.
any solution will be much appreciated. I hope trust wallet can convert my USDT as a fee.


Hi @zenasen,

Please note that any asset you have that you want to transfer or convert, you have to pay gas fee in that Chain of the asset.

For instance, you have USDT in BEP2 (Native BNB), you need Native BNB to pay gas fees.

The only solution is to buy BNB and transfer to you trust wallet.


I have the same problem…deposited by mistake. Network fee to transfer is $79…W…F???


So would most people agree to just hold onto the USDT until the fees go down? I accidentally bought by mistake trying to swap and have $150 stuck in my wallet. Pisses me off it’s doing nothing.


I am having the same problem. Can’t convert my USDT to ETH without astronomical fees. Like hundreds of dollars


@Ugodspecial This sucks. Binance simply charges a flat rate of 1 USDT. I don’t know how they do it, but Trust should too. I don’t want to buy 50 bucks worth of tokens I don’t need just to pay fees.


@dioleev, if you select ERC network on binance to withdraw USDT to any wallet you’ll still get same charges.

Note that this is an Ethereum network charge not Trust Wallet or Binance.