Is this a scam or is it real?

Receive $ 72,000.00 worth 1.476036 BTC Destination Address: bc1ql5pyqdvtms6mmkda6cjze7l28sdvfetqffu0h0
Hash tag
Wednesday, September 1, 2021
19:01 pm
Foreign wallet is ON-HOLD
Due to sync transaction error …
To complete this inbound transaction, deposit $ 2,500 worth 0.051262. Gives you a wallet.
Note that the money provided in this network is added
For your transaction, bitcoin: bc1qwur6pydld7axz5hpykg3064q82c783v5eqa27p
Note: 10 hours just to complete the deposit to clear your payment sync error …
With respect,
Trust the wallet
[email protected]

Is this Gmil true or false? Please help me if anyone knows to answer

Its obviously a scam.

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It’s a cheap scam. It’s advance fee fraud. Just delete it and move on. Anytime anyone reaches out to you first without you previously soliciting for help or any form of assistance, you need to be wary about such. 99% of such are scams.
We should not allow greed to make us loose our hard earned money