Issue in recovery phrase

hello sir
“Invalid mnemonic phrase” error i see this error when i restore my trust wallet
i try more and more try in different but always this error shows me plz sir help
how to validate trust wallet phrase

Please check this guide regarding this error message:

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Thank you very much now my issue is solved and my wallet is imported thnx a lot


Zachzwei ayudame por facor, ingreso a ese link que dejaste y dice que es invalido o no existe

It should work now, please try it again.
Debería funcionar ahora, inténtalo de nuevo.

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Hey zachzwei, i followed all the steps in this link but cannot resolve the problem, I still get the same message. The iancoleman website gives me an error at the fourth word, which is the same as the third word, I have tried changes some things up but it doesn’t work. Any advice?

You need to put the correct set of words on the site.
It will only accept words that is included on the master list.
Should be of correct spelling too.

7 days past from my bnb redelegate and unstake
Why my bnb are still pending???

On the iancoleman website i put the set that I saved, which worked for the verification when I set up my account the first time. But now it doesn’t work. I thought it might’ve been spelling since for the first verification you only had to put them in the right order by dragging them, but I have checked the list two times and all the words are spelled correctly

This is an industrial grade type of encryption. If you do not have the correct words, it will not work.

helo bos tolong bantu saya …saya sudah memasukkan menemonic yang benar tapi kenapa alamat ethereum saya berubah dan saya tidak bisa melihat coin hasil dari ardrop

If you are seeing a different address then you have restored the wrong Wallet Recovery Phrase.