Issue: Swapped BNB for PLMRX token, show successful transaction but balance has not updated

I swapped BNB for PLMRX token via Pancakeswap. It shows a successful transaction
My wallet address is: 0x65C5bf77811c96A5BdB8E9C6F849dE265e7057C4

There are 4x transaction ID’s

  1. 0x7180ee27e683d006330ad0d5a02366b6c65ebd2312a165af2208ce2b2046ca40 - 27154 PLMRX
  2. 0x624ebf1476140ebc74587f587490e713a1f97190cdc293a058ab19551c487d5a - 0.653 PLMRX
  3. 0x8255bd82fd266fe089fb0229d78dea7b0b0fed0ed6303f2c4bd5ddbd572b7f06 - 0.163 PLMRX
  4. 0xf7294465b3af28e78bb65dc1cf70ce0a871a8f7ab7bb23a87925f9a597988c01 - 0.0408 PLMRX

can you assist in identifying where the funds have gone or not gone?

Hello @martqcom
When you made the swap for that token, it seems your transaction went through but was swapped back to BNB.

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Hello @Tobi,
I am new in this platform, also I can’t see option to post my problem. That’s why I am writing here.

I transferred some DEGO from Binance to Trust Walltet. The transaction was successful but funds hasn’t added yet in Trust Wallet.

Transaction Hash: 0x6d53581288e8ad0d4b1ceb629d564b663642787d8e9989963b56b5ababcd4405
I use IOS 9.3 version, also I am attaching the pictures of the transaction, please check.

Hello @Jahid_mh
You would need t add the token manually first as a custom token as i can see you received the tokens already.
You can use the details below to add it.
Network - Smartchain
Contract - 0x3Da932456D082CBa208FEB0B096d49b202Bf89c8
Decimals - 18


Thanks a lot dear @Tobi. I really appreciate your instead reply. Thanks again