Issue updating Trust Wallet

Hello there,

as I am an Android user without play store, I was used to download APK from trustwallet com, currently I’m on verison 5.9.

Tried to update to 5.29 from the official site but it says there is a signature conflict not making me install it.

Signature of my current version is:

Signature of new versione is:

Are these correct?
I don’t want to get a scam wallet app.
Can someone help me?
Thank you very much.

Hello @andreade it is safe as long as you download from our official site:

The problems is that I’ve always downloaded it from trustwallet com, but now I cannot update it because of the signature conflict, do I really have to uninstall previous version?

@andreade yes, backup all wallets from previous app and uninstall then install current version and restore your wallets.

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