Issue while selling coins

I am a new user for Trust Wallet. I bought some coins using Pancakeswap and while selling it shows -0 BNB on Trust Wallet Confirm page. Does this mean this sell will give me 0 money?
Please refer attached snapshot.

Hello @amit6 nope, that shows nothing BNB is sending out in this transaction. You’ll receive your BNB no problem.

Hi all, a year ago I purchased WENLAMBO. Trust wallet states that I have a pretty large value of this coin (97 million coins)
How do I sell done if this coin or swap it to BTC or BNB?
Please help

@SityBear you have to do your research on which exchange the token you are holding is listed and trade there. You can ask on their community chats too.

Thanks Alan. I understand how to trade but my issue is that Trust Wallet shows that I have $735,000 in WENLAMBO. I want Trust Wallet to confirm is this is accurate. Happy to share a wallet pic but I’m unable to share pic in this chat.

@SityBear app is displaying price information according CoinMarketCap. Sometimes, CoinMarketCap price is not accurate, you have to check directly on exchange to confirm. Read more: Token price is not accurate?

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Merhaba wenlambo coinlerimi trust wallet de görüyorum ama pancake swap da satamıyorum sebebi nedir cüzdanımda görünen miktarı neden satıp alamıyorum