Issue with available BTC

I have an issue with available BTC. I see the balance but cannot send it. In BTC there is written “Inscription” and the total amount of BTC that I have. Also it is written that my BTC are inscribed and if I want to spend them I need to unlock them in the settings. In the settings under “Unlock UTXOs” I can see that all my BTC are “active wallet locked UTXOs”. If I unlock them, will I be able to send any and all of BTC to someone else?

@Glavias You should be able to send out your BTC if you follow that.

@Tobi Thank you for the reply. The only concern I have is that when I am in the “Unlock UTXOs” tab and clicking the information button, it gives me this “Once unlocked, these UTXOs can only be used to transfer BTC, buy NFTs and pay network fees”.

When I click to unlock my BTC which currently are in locked UTXO state, I have this message that by doing this it will add BTC to BTC but will also cause asset loss in UTXO. Does it mean that by doing this unlocking it sort of swaps BTC UTXO which I cannot currently send to actual BTC which I can send and UTXO itself will disappear? If so, will I have to send all by unlocked BTC in one transaction or it doesn’t matter?

I apologize for maybe asking the same things again but I am very nervous and afraid to make a mistake and lose BTC.

@Glavias I’d suggest to open a support ticket with the Customer support team if you’re unsure of any steps.

Hello, I sent two NFTs on the TON network to the wallet, but I can’t see them in the wallet?
How do I recover?

@Tobi The problem is that there is no issue type that I can use by opening a support ticket which will be reflecting what I have, therefore I am asking for help here. All I really want and need is to unlock the BTC which are currently in locked UTXOs

@Amy.lee Please check your address on the explorer to see if you received.
If it’s shown on the explorer, then it is in your wallet.