Issue with crypto not received


I tried to exchanged BNB for voxel on Pancake swap and it is showing that the transaction is successful but i did not recieve any voxies (voxel) in return even thou my bnb have been deducted.

Transaction hash

Please help me find out what happened and how can i recover my crypto. Thanks

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Hello @GhostImpact
Your tokens are in your wallet and you only need to add it manually as a custom token using these details
Network: Smartchain
Contract: 0xd9fa7c7d205d77e89f370ae9799de4ef3245a795
Decimals: 8


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Hi Jenny Millan

Thank you so much for you help. Now i can see the voxies (crypto) in my wallet.

Furthermore, Just wanted to confirm that the price in $ (dollars) is not showing. Is it because this coin had not been launched yet?? And if yes can you please confirm the launch time/date. As on binance it will be launched in 6 days.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Please read this:

I haven’t got any update from Trust wallet support team to help me to find my missing tokens.

I supplied all hashes but didn’t receive yet and they didn’t help me much

Hello @Jabark
Is this your address? What transactions are missing?
Please provide the transaction hash for only tokens missing


For these hashes :







They have all been failed.

And I didn’t receive any coins or amount on the other wallet?

Hello @Jabark this is error with PancakeSwap router contract error. Contact PancakeSwap for support on this issue.

What issue is that?
You should be able to resolve the issue.
Cuz I transferred it from Trust wallet not from pancake swap.

This is a transaction not swap.

Who are you and why should I Whatsapp you?

Send the token back man!

You are not authorised to make any statements of Trust wallet.

@Jabark that was an impersonator. I already banned him. I already provided you a way forward for your issue. We’ve nothing to do, error occurred on PancakeSwap contract. If you didn’t receive your funds back, you have to contact PancakeSwap.