Issues to resolve my new wallet

Hello @Alan47 please I would like you to help me with my new cryptocurrency account I just created days ago, which I had to funds with immediate effect but when I got to bank the bankstaff requested for my qrcode which I located it for him for the first, while processing my transactions the bankstaff said my wallet hasn’t been legitimated yet that at least I must have maintained balance of 2% of the cryptocurrency I want to purchase…… please help and then I don’t not have bank account to purchase from my bank card on else I go to bank to buy cryptocurrency into my wallet. Please any help yo resolve this issue

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@Frankhalla07 there’s no such a thing as ‘legitimating the wallet’. All wallets created are working as soon as they created there’s no additional process needed to activate it. I don’t know if you talked to religit person or it is the Law in your country but for this case we have nothing to do.

Okay thank you sir, I didn’t know what the bankstaff meant when he asked me such, I was confused and stressed out of bank

How the freaking freaking freak,! can i make a freaking new question-topic here?