Issues with bep20 to bep2

I transferred some busd(12.xx something) to trust wallet today on bep20 network, cuz why not. But now i cannot do anything with them. First i want to buy an altcoin, lets say polkadot but no i have to pay 1.8$ worth of bnb! That is first of all hilarious i will let you do the math for 12.xx worth of polkadot i pay 1.8$ fees, insanity.

But lets say i accept and try to buy some bnb to cover fees and buy doy with rest but lol i cant because i cannot afford it. So i have to pay fiat on top to be able afford. So thats a no.

This by the looks because my volumes are low, this feels unfair. But even when i try to convert it from bep20 to bep2 you charge me the same 1.82$(%15 of the volume of my busd)

Now i want my busds back to my binance wallet i will decide my next move from there. Or i will open lawsuits with great pleasure. This is not about a mere 12$ coin. This is a principle for me, a single cent i own is valuable for me. I will keep the rest of my coins in for the moment as a second chance for this wallet. But i don’t expect much.

I can provide all credentials and screenshots to officals from trust wallet.

I hope you can help me.

If you remove this topic also without a good written reason, i will keep spamming this forum beyond this world.

Best regards

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