Je ne comprend pas elrond erc20/I don't understand elrond erc20

bonjour,je suis nouveau dans la crypto et je ne comprend pas une chose j’ai fait l’acquisition de token elrond sur leur site officiel. Il m’ont été transférer sur mon wallet “trust wallet” sous forme de jeton erd(erc20), mais quand je regarde il y’a 2 token un elrond erc20 qui na pas de valeur et de cour et un token elrond bep2 qui on une valeur est un cour. Les 2 monnaies sont-elle identiques et la valeur est la même? comment passer de erc20 a bep2? ou alors cela ne sers a rien ? si quelqu’un pourrait m’expliquer la différence entre les 2 .
merci beaucoup

hello, i am new to crypto and i dont understand one thing i acquired elrond token from their official website. They were transferred to my “trust wallet” wallet in the form of an erd token (erc20), but when I look at there are 2 tokens an elrond erc20 which has no value and court and an elrond bep2 token which is a value is a yard. Are the 2 currencies the same and the value the same? how to switch from erc20 to bep2? or is it of no use? if someone could explain to me the difference between the 2.
thank you so much


Hello. please just make sure you carry the ERD ERC20 from the same contract:


If you are sure that you have an ERD from the same contract and want to swap or exchange erc20 <> bep2 send the token to

ERC20 token.
ERC-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens.

BEP2 token.
Recently launched, the BEP 2 standard is a technical standard used to implement and launch tokens on the Binance blockchain.

This is the same token on 2 different blockchains. Value is the same, but you received in ERC20 so this one is showing balance and bep2 isn’t. By the way, be careful while sending to not send using BEP2 to ERC20 wallet or the opposite. If both options are available, I would use BEP2 because of much lower transaction feess.

hello, thank you for taking the time to answer me it’s clearer the 2 tokens are the same and I can therefore transform but erc20 token into bep2 token but this involves costs I guess which format is the most practical? Thanks, have a good day

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I’m not 100 percent sure, but you will have to pay fee for sending on exchange. Changing itself won’t require fee. For future purchases of token, I would use BEP2

ok thank you for all the explanation

did you manage to change it to bep2 i have same problem?

hello, I have not yet tried for the moment I keep them on trust wallet, but I saw that on binance we can send its erd be under bep2 be on erc20 to see if we can exchange them later

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