Justswap vs uniswap

Which is the best? :money_mouth_face:


I think uniswap is better than justswap

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Uniswap is better than Justswap, at least we can say that for now.


You cannot compare these two currently as they belong to different chains.

Uniswap is well established dApp contract for small traders swapping ERC20 tokens. Recently, the volume of transactions has exceeded the volume on Coinbase. It gives a lot of opportunities for DeFi by providing liquidity to pools and by earning a share of transaction fees of 0.3%, based on your share in the liquidity pool. It is a never ending contract which will last till Ethereum chain.

Justswap is a new exchange mechanism recently launched to support swap of TRC20 tokens. It is at a very nascent stage and feedback/review would come as more users start using it.

Listed benefits of JustSwap are:

  • Instant exchanges between TRX20 tokens for traders

It allows making a profit threshold-free for market makers.

Infinite Liquidity – Unstoppable liquidity for thousands of traders and hundreds of applications.

Fast and Convenient – Instant execution, without waiting for order match in the queue.

Accessible to All – Empower any users to participate in an open financial marketplace.

High Returns – Permanent trading fee paid to you with zero commissions from the protocol.

Uniswap or Justswap, it depends on the tokens you are trading.


Well as for my case im still build my portfolio from the scratch, im only use justswap because is more affordable, with cheaper fee than uniswap


It depends on what you swap, so these two are good